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[New car・Used cranes][heavy machinery]

New Products


Rental(Current empty machine)

I'm looking forward to it very much!
Please contact us when you sell!


Use our own network, buy high and sell it cheaply

We are connected by a thick pipe with a major crane manufacturer / heavy machinery manufacturer.
Therefore, it is possible to purchase and sell a wide range of car models, low price range cranes, heavy equipment.


We can propose optimum proposals on finance

Since Sankirize has a relationship of trust with a finance company, we propose the best repayment method and payment method.


A rich line-up of products

It has industry-leading rental stock, and it is possible to correspond to all models of crane cars.
Even for new cars, it corresponds to all manufacturers. Because of the abundance of line-ups,
we can find products of your choice when you think you want.


Maintenance and repair possible throughout Kyushu

Sankirize has its own factory.
We repeat the safety test so that we can deliver the axle to our customers in perfect condition.